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Amish Ethics – a way of life for all Christians to consider…

George Dunlap, March 22, 2020. As a father, a husband, a christian, and a neighbor here in Fremont, I find my need to return to God’s plan… growing daily. Below is from The Daily Record, October 1, 2012 based in Wooster, OH. Located near one of the Amish centers in Ohio.

Visitors to the Amish Heartland may think of the Amish as “those people who dress funny and ride in buggies.” Some people think Amish and Mennonite families live in closed communities or colonies, and rarely see the outside world. A few tourists have even mistaken Amish for costumed actors, portraying the “old days” for the amusement and education of visitors, who then go home to their televisions and computer games. There are many myths and misconceptions about the way the Amish have chosen to live.

What are the principles that form the foundation of Amish life and belief? Why have the Amish been so successful in preserving those principles for more than three centuries?


The Amish have a strong sense of commitment to God, family, church and community. Their faith is rooted in a literal interpretation of the Bible and in the Ordnung, the rules of conduct handed down for generations, regularly reviewed and earnestly taken to heart. Their dedication to family guides decisions about where to live and what occupation to pursue. Divorce is extremely rare, and much, if not most, of an Amish person’s life revolves around their large extended families. Beyond the family circle are the congregation and greater community. Although the Amish do not live in communes or closed communities, they do tend to live closely grouped together, for the sake of fellowship, support and more practical reasons. The businesses that provide resources for the Amish way of life, such as buggy-makers, blacksmiths and stores selling non-electric appliances, for example, need a pool of customers to draw from in order to stay in business. In a community heavily populated by Amish, such as in Holmes County, business owners can make a living, and the Amish have resources they can rely on for the products and services they need to maintain their way of life.

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