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World Over – 06-21-18 – The Papal Posse and the Latest Church News with Raymond Arroyo

The Papal Posse @ ETWN

Immigration  and Cardinal McCarrick topics for discussion and review.

The latest news from Rome, Pope Francis’ criticism of US immigration policy, and the removal of Cardinal Theodore McCarrick from public ministry amid sex abuse allegations, with the Papal Posse, ROBERT ROYAL and FR. GERALD MURRAY

Real Life Catholic TV Show – Holy Dirt – Week #1 – Chris Stefanick


 Go crawfishing, hang-gliding, cheesemaking, surfing, and more as Host Chris Stefanick takes you around the world—diving into the lives of real life Catholics. But unlike other reality TV that stops just when things get meaningful, Real Life Catholic is a soul stirring journey that shows how amazing Faith makes everyday life. A fun escape that’ll inspire you to live everyday life with more faith, hope, and love.