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Michael & Kelsea Hess and family. Today’s Millennial’s talk about TMIY, their faith, and their family.

Michael & Kelsea Hess and children

Michael Hess has been part of the Fremont Catholic Men’s Group since our first TMIY, September 2015. Michael became one of the CORE team leaders for year 2, and has been a very faithful part of our Fremont program ever since. Michael’s wife, Kelsea, is very active in the St. Vincent de Paul Society here in Fremont. She is a proud mom of 3 beautiful children. She is very involved in many programs @ St. Joseph’s.

I recently sat down with Kelsea and Michael, and we talked about their faith, their family, and how they feel the Fremont Catholic Men’s Group and TMIY has helped them in their daily family and catholic community’s lives.

Michael and Kelsea represent a group of Catholic Millennial’s that do represent the best in our Catholic future. George Dunlap, 9/13/2019

TMIY Year 5 starts September 21.

TMIY Men | Shoulder to Shoulder – Paradisus Dei

Helping TMIY Men in Houston

Who Were Devastated by Hurricane Harvey

TMIY Men | Shoulder to ShoulderHelping TMIY Men in Houston Who Were Devastated by Hurricane HarveyFamilies in NeedBy now everyone has seen footage of the devastating flooding in Houston. Nothing compares to the magnitude of devastation from this storm. We know TMIY men: who have had their families water evacuated by boat. whose houses are totally under water. who have faced mandatory evacuation leaving behind everything. who have lost everything.Stand Shoulder to ShoulderWanting to help, a TMIY man suggested an initiative where TMIY men from around the country stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the TMIY in Houston, to help them rebuild their homes and their lives. He said he wanted to start it off with the first $1,000. This page was created to do just that – help those TMIY men in Houston who were devastated by Hurricane Harvey. To help, click the button below. All donations will go to help TMIY men and their families in Houston who have suffered the most.

Source: TMIY Men | Shoulder to Shoulder – Paradisus Dei