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Courage is Faith in Crisis | Eric Metaxas at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

George Dunlap, April 8, 2021. Great dinner table talk topic of Conversation. BLM, Freedom, the Shining City on the Hill and much…..more and how our faith requires us to engage the evils of the world. Silence is accepting the evil and ALLOWING it to grow. Please join me and listen to what Eric Metaxas has to preach.

Conversation between Eric Metaxes and Peter Kreeft Author, Symbol or Substance.

By George Dunlap, May 6, 2019. This conversation between Eric Metaxes and Peter Kreeft, Author, Symbol or Substance, on the Eric Metaxes Radio Show, is about the book Symbol or Substance, just released, a possible dialog between. C. S. Lewis, Billy Graham, and Tolkien. It is more than an explanation of what transubstantiation is; it’s a more refined explanation in a dialog form, of the different understandings of what truly (a Catholic truth…) transubstantiation represents in the House of God at the alter. This you tube conversation is more that a conversation about a book, it’s a conversation about why we as Catholics are truly unique in our faith, yet as Christians we all are Blessed in Jesus Christ.

Peter Kreeft with Eric Metaxes