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A true Catholic/Christian, can not, accept Abortion. Abortion acceptance by Catholics allows the continued moral breakdown in our Christ lead teachings and beliefs.


BY: George Dunlap, August 7, 2020. It has been said that to accept abortion we allow the Mother to protect/control her own body. No one has ever asked , who is defending the unborn child, and, what are the consequences? Since the reformation we have seen the continued destruction of our families, morals, and religious truths. I found the below article by David Carlin to be very timely.

By David Carlin Friday, August 7, 2020

Modern history (by which I mean the history of the western world since about the year 1500) tells many stories.  I suspect that these many stories are subplots in one big story, and for years I’ve been trying to guess what this one big story may be.  My guess (but it’s only a guess) is that the one big story is the story of how the western world has been trying to get rid of Christianity.

The story begins with the Protestant Reformation.  None of the reformers intended to do away with Christianity.  Just the opposite.  Regardless of anybody’s intentions, however, a divided Christianity would be easier to destroy than a united Christianity.

A demonstrator stealing a statue of Christ in Santiago, Chile, Friday, Nov. 8, 2019. [AP Photo/Esteban Felix]

This divided Christianity led in the 16th and 17th centuries to the rise of skepticism, especially in France.  But skepticism, while it continues even to the present day to erode Christianity, is too purely negative a thing to replace the old faith.  And a replacement is needed.  You can’t just get rid of Christianity and leave the world with nothing to believe in.

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