2020 Catholic Men’s Ministry Conference, Columbus, OH

George Dunlap, February 2, 2020, I have my ticket; please join me, my fellow brothers from the Fremont, OH Catholic Parishes, and over 3000 Catholic Men from all over Ohio. We come together seeking truth, love, understanding, and friendship. You are not the only one seeking truth of God and Faith. Our Families need us GOD STRONG.

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Why Priestly morale is in the doldrums

By Peter M. J. Stravinskas, It saddens me to say, but honestly compels ti, that the vast majority of our priests are deeply demoralized.

By: George Dunlap, January 28, 2020 With trust and strength in God, we the Laity of our local parishes must rise and stand with our Priest; Yes we must hold them accountable, just as we must hold our neighbor and friends accountable for their dealings with wrongful acts. We must hold all our brothers to account not just one group or another. For we the men of The Fremont Catholic Men’s Group believe, “Iron Sharpens Iron, Prov.27:17” we must stand with our fellow Priests in faith. We must hold all accountable.

The Following article by Peter M. J. Stravinskas offers some good insight into another area of concern, regarding the continuing need to work together in our faith and love of God. The Laity must be part of the solution with our fellow brothers the Priest.

Why priestly morale is in the doldrums

We thought in particular of priests. Our priestly heart wanted to comfort them, to encourage them. With all the priests, we pray: Save us, Lord, we perish! The Lord sleeps while the storm is unleashed. He seems to abandon us to the waves of doubt and error. We are tempted to lose confidence.

So begins From the Depths of Our Hearts: Priesthood, Celibacy and the Crisis of the Catholic Church, co-authored by Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinal Robert Sarah (yes, they really did co-author the book!). It is most encouraging to have these words of affirmation from the Pope Emeritus and the man I hope is the next to wear a white cassock. Those words reminded me of the wonderfully supportive Holy Thursday letters of St. John Paul II to his “beloved priests.” Such papal sentiments have been terribly lacking over the past seven years. My point in this present exercise, however, is not to dwell on the lack of papal buoying up but to bring to the attention of our readers a problem closer to home – and that is the double-standard priests experience within their own dioceses.

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True Beauty – The Apostles Creed Sung by Rebecca Gorzynska

George Dunlap, January 23, 2020, Morning musings; while enjoying a cup of hot coffee on a cold and damp morning.

As I read the morning Catholic and secular news blogs, I read of wars and sadness. Many times I endure, past those stories, and at times I am greatly saddened by the pain man inflects on his brothers. But today, I am blessed with Hope and Beauty. Please enjoy The Apostles Creed as sung by Rebecca Gorzynska. This is Beauty and Joy.

Have a Blessed Day.

Please join your brothers for faith and fellow-ship, for a weekly journey with TMIY, every Saturday @ 6:30 AM, Iron-Sharpens-Iron.

Don’t just defend the fort. Attack!

I continue to use my go to phrase, about Catholic’s engaging evil, Edmund Burke paraphrased, “Always remember, that the only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.” Remember…the Catholic Faith is a fighting faith. Fighting to help those who are lost see the light of God. George Dunlap, December 16, 2019

By Phil Lawler (bioarticlesemail) | Dec 13, 2019

“Catholicism, by which I mean real Catholicism, is a fighting faith,” writes David Carlin for The Catholic Thing. To which I would add that Catholicism is, or should be, an offensive rather than a defensive force. As followers of Christ we are not charged with preserving our own position. The Great Commission requires us to move always forward, capturing new ground (or rather more souls). Church history shows that when the Church is not actively engaged in the work of evangelization—when we are preoccupied by the effort to ward off threats, as unfortunately we are today—the faith suffers. We are, as a faith, much better at offense than defense.

Nevertheless I admire Carlin’s essay, “How Not to Defend a Castle,” because he correctly identifies the specific challenge that the Church confronts today. We are not, as a rule, fighting against Christological heresies. When a new acquaintance tells you that he was raised as a Catholic but drifted away, because “I had some troubles with what the Church teaches,” you don’t immediately suspect that he is a monophysite. No, the odds are overwhelming that he could not reconcile himself to one or more of the Church’s teachings on sexual morality.

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Most Americans Think Cohabitation Is Fine, But That’s Not What Social Science Says

BY: George Dunlap, December 3, 2019 As a Dad preparing to walk down the isle…….I pray our children will come to understand our Catholic way and learn from the mistakes made. God Bless us all. For the promise, we make to God, that beautiful day, will come due. This article is very timely in my life, I pray we learn from our mistakes. Redemption is the Hope of Salvation.

By Peter Sprigg December 2, 2019

the wedding day…… ( Photo Image by Michael Mangin from Pixabay )

A nineteenth-century humorist once warned that a bigger problem than knowing little is “to know so many things that ain’t so.” Well, Americans know “many things that ain’t so” about cohabitation and marriage.

A new Pew Research Center study shows Americans both cohabitate (“live with an unmarried partner”) and find cohabitation acceptable more than before. But other research shows this is unwise. Here is what the Pew Research Center found.

More young adults have cohabited than have married. Pew’s analysis in the summer of 2019 of the National Survey of Family Growth found that, for the first time ever, the percentage of American adults aged 18-44 who have ever cohabited with a partner (59 percent) exceeded the percentage of those who have ever married (50 percent).

It should be noted, however, that the current living arrangements of adults of all ages still show a strong preference for marriage: 53 percent of American adults are currently married, while only 7 percent of adults are currently cohabiting (although cohabitation has risen from only 3 percent in 1995). These findings may either reflect that many people cohabit first and then marry, or that cohabiting relationships are less stable and thus much shorter than marriages.

A majority of Americans (69 percent) say that “it is acceptable for an unmarried couple to live together even if they don’t plan to get married.” They may assume that they can decrease their chances of a bad marriage and increase their chances of a good one by giving the relationship a cohabitation “test run.”

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